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High School All-American Kicking Camp Evaluations - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com

The National Camp Series has joined forces with Football University.

This partnership will be used to select the punters and kickers for the
US Army All-American Bowl.

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl is an East versus West showdown that features the top 90 players from across the country and the nationís top 97 high school marching musicians who will perform during half-time of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

This GAME is the premier high school football game in the country and has helped launch the spectacular careers of Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Adrian Peterson, Brady Quinn and many other college and NFL stars since the Bowl began in 2001.

The past two years, the following NCS participants have been selected to play in this prestigious game:

  • Matt Wile, University of Michigan
  • Ben Pruitt, University of Texas
  • Niklas Sade, NC State
  • Miller Snyder, UNC
  • Paul Griggs, Purdue
  • Bradley Pinion, Clemson
  • Brooks Abbott, Va Tech
  • Ethan Perry, TCU


The criteria for selection to the most popular High School All Star Game, which is highly recommended, but not required, will be based on NCS Evaluation Kicking Camps, utilizing our innovative KIX (Kicking Index) Player Rating System and Season Game Stats.

Through our partnership, the National Camp Series (NCS) will be trusted with selecting the kickers and punters for both the East and West teams. In addition, the NCS will select two kickers/punters for the US Youth All American Bowl.

This opportunity will allow you to be in control and not dependent upon one person's evaluation.

To learn more about how the National Camp Series works click HERE.

To learn more about the Army All-American Bowl click HERE.


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NCS Super Camp
February 17-18 2018


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High School All-American Kicking Camp Evaluations - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com