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  High School Kicker Rating - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com

player ratings

The National Camp Series uses the KIX (Kicking IndeX) Player Rating System to rate athletes. A KIX Player Rating is assigned once the KIX system compares the most current NCS kicking camp results - for Field Goals, Kick Offs, Punts and Long Snapping - with similar data obtained from previous NCS events.

Graduation Year: <<  2017 | 2018 | 2019  >> | JUCO


Only players who have participated in an NCS event within the past year (15 months) are shown below
** denotes one event only, and has not proven consistency across multiple events

Class of 2018 Player Ratings


Name Rating State Coach College
MATTHEW ARAIZA  92 CA  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
IBRAHIMA SYLLA  84** AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
ISAAC POWER  84** CO  Husted Kicking    
SCOTT GOODMAN  84 MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
ASHTON GARNER  79** MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
RANJ SIDHU  78** VA  Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
SERGIO ALVAREZ JR  76 AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
BRENT HEWITT  75 CA  Husted Kicking    
CHRIS KESSLER  75 TX  Husted Kicking South    
CODY CREED  75** NC  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
OWEN MALIK  74 VA  Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
MITCHELL FINERAN  73 GA  ProForm Kicking Academy    
TREY WOLFF  71 TX  4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
EVAN MCPHERSON  70 AL  Team Jackson Kicking   Mississippi State 
SETH HARRISON  70** ID  ProForm Kicking Academy    
JONATHAN CRUZ  69 GA  Team Jackson Kicking    
MATTHEW JAEGER  67 MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
LUIS HERNANDEZ  65** AZ  Sam Watts Kicking    
DANIEL BRABAW  62** NC  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
  61 TX     
JOSH SMITH  59 MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
MARK MEADER  58 CA  Husted Kicking    
JOSEPH ZEPP  56 AZ  Sam Watts Kicking    
NATHAN YEE  56 FL  ProForm Kicking Academy    
CARTER WEISSENFLUH  55 VA  Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
JOSH BOLES  55** CO  Husted Kicking    
CRISTOFER THOMPSON  53** MS  Husted Kicking South    
ANDREW OSTEEN  52** AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
BRAZOS WEBB  52 MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
BRENNAN HOLT  52** CA     
RILEY ROBBINS  52 FL  ProForm Kicking Academy    
JAKE KARESH  51 GA  ProForm Kicking Academy    
JEFFREY EVENSON  51** MO  Husted Kicking Midwest    
BRANDYN REASER  50 LA  Husted Kicking South    
BRYCE DESANTIS  49** NC  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
ELLIOTT NOLAN  49** MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
NOAH SELB  47 MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
KALEB MOSLEY  45 AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
TANNER WYANDT  45 CA  Husted Kicking    
WILL HERBST  45 TX  4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
JONATHAN MOSS  42 MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
MICHAEL BAUGUS   41** MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
GABE BELMARES  40** CA  Vezina Kicking Dynamics    
CULLEN COLLINS  37** GA  Team Jackson Kicking    
STEVEN ANDERSON  36** MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
JACKSON SPRADLIN  35** AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
MASON MCELROY  35 CA  Vezina Kicking Dynamics    
NOAH MENCER  33** MO     
RYAN LINDSEY  33 MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
TYLER HOFFARTH  33** ND  Special Teams FB Academy    
TYLER MURPHY  33 MO  Husted Kicking Midwest    
MASON HOLEMAN  32** NC  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
BLAKE HOWARD  31** TX     
PRESLEY WADE  31** MS     
JACOB JOHNSON  30 ID  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
WILSON BEAVERSTOCK  30** AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
BEN COLETTA  29 UT  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
HAYDEN CALICO  27 LA  Team Jackson Kicking    
JAREN MCQUEEN  26** SC  Liberty Kicking Academy    
MAGNUS WATTLES  26 ID  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
CADE PETERSON  25 WI  Special Teams FB Academy    
CODY GAGNON  25 MT  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
ETHAN HASSINGER  25** TX  4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
CADE WEAVER  24** CA  Husted Kicking    
KYLE MORGIGNO  24 MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
COLLIN CRAWFORD  22** AR  Team Jackson Kicking    
KORBIN SCHMIDT  22 LA  Husted Kicking South    
ANTONIO LOERA  21** CA  Husted Kicking    
COLE STARR  21 AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
SETH BURKE  21 AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
JAY FITCH  20 AL     
JAKE HAGGARD   19 CA  Husted Kicking    
MYLES JOHNSON  19 MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
NATHAN JOHNSON  19** TX  4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
EASTON CURRY  18** MS  Husted Kicking South    
COLE MOSCARIELLO  17   4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
GREG DAWKINS  17 AL  Team Jackson Kicking    
SKYLER RUDELIUS-PALMER  17** MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
ANDY PETERSON  16 MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
TRENT COLEMAN  15** MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
MATTHEW RUDOLPHI  14 IL  Next Step Kicking    
JOSHUA OROZCO  11 AZ  Husted Kicking    
MATTHEW PLIESEIS  11** MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
SAMUEL OUELLETTE  10** QC  Denis Boisclair Kicking School    
KEVIN CHRISTOPHER TOMS  9** LA  Husted Kicking South    
SAM SMART  9 WY  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
SETH CAILLOUET  9** LA  Team Jackson Kicking    
CADE BAGGETT  8** LA  Team Jackson Kicking    
DYLAN SMITH  8 MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
MAX ONDRUSEK  8** MD  Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
AUSTIN JORDAN  6 AR  Husted Kicking South    
AUSTIN LADNER  4 MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
JONATHAN NEVE  4** MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
RYAN SCHMAD  3** CO  Husted Kicking    
TREVOR LOPEZ  3** LA  Husted Kicking South    
BROCK MURPHY  2 CO  Husted Kicking    
CAIO TAQUES  2** MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
PETER WALKER  2** GA  Team Jackson Kicking    
TANNER MAY  2** MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
BRYAN VELEZ  1** CO  Husted Kicking    
CAM WALKER  1 FL  Team Jackson Kicking    
CAMRON RUSSELL  1** AR  Team Jackson Kicking    
MAX BLASCHKE  1** MN  Special Teams FB Academy    
RJ MARTINEZ  1** CO  Husted Kicking    




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