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  High School Kicker Rating - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com

player ratings

The National Camp Series uses the KIX (Kicking IndeX) Player Rating System to rate athletes. A KIX Player Rating is assigned once the KIX system compares the most current NCS kicking camp results - for Field Goals, Kick Offs, Punts and Long Snapping - with similar data obtained from previous NCS events.

Graduation Year: <<  2015 | 2016 | 2017  >> | JUCO


Only players who have participated in an NCS event within the past year (15 months) are shown below
** denotes one event only, and has not proven consistency across multiple events

Class of 2016 Player Ratings


Name Rating State Coach College
KODY SCHEXNAYDER  98** LA Team Jackson Kicking    
TYLER SUMPTER  96** AL Team Jackson Kicking    
SABINO MORALES  90** NM Rivara Kicking    
GILES AMOS  89** GA Team Jackson Kicking    
CHRISTIAN KINSLEY  87** SC ProForm Kicking Academy    
ZACH HESTER  86** GA Team Jackson Kicking    
ADAM FELLNER  85** MO Special Teams FB Academy    
ETHAN JOHNSON  80 AR Team Jackson Kicking    
MORGAN COSTON  77 AL Team Jackson Kicking    
DONOVAN DOUD  76** FL Team Jackson Kicking    
DAVIS PRICE  74** CO Husted Kicking    
MICHAEL CATLETT  74 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
SKYLER SOUTHAM  74 UT Lifetime Kicking Academy   BYU 
LUCAS RUIZ-DIAZ  71** CO Husted Kicking    
MATT SOTIROPOULOS  68 IL Husted Kicking    
COBY NEENAN  66 AL Team Jackson Kicking    
ETHAN WORDEN  65** CA Rafter Pro Training    
JOEL VELAZQUEZ  65 CA Rafter Pro Training    
MATTHEW COGHLIN  65 OH Up and Through   Michigan State 
TUG WATTS  65** CO    
GRANT OLSON  64 MN Special Teams FB Academy    
RICHARD GREBE  64 TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
JOEL DELINE  62** CO Husted Kicking    
JARRED KENDZIORSKI  61** CO Husted Kicking    
JOSH MARINI   61 TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
MAC BROWN  61 MN Special Teams FB Academy    
JOHN GARDINER  60 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
JOHN HILFER  60 CA Husted Kicking    
KIMBALL WINANS  59** CA Husted Kicking    
ZACHARY ROBERTS  59** AL Team Jackson Kicking    
TOMMY ABBOTT  58 AL Team Jackson Kicking    
ALAN MARTINEZ  57** TX Matt Nelson Kicking Academy    
BRAD POWELL  57** GA Kickers Zone    
COREY MCCULLOUGH  57 MS Team Jackson Kicking    
CARSON SKINN  54 TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
LANDEN NEALY  54** TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
GRIFFIN SUBLETT  53 MS Team Jackson Kicking    
JOHN DILLON BATES  53** FL Team Jackson Kicking    
SPENCER LEAVITT  52 UT Lifetime Kicking Academy    
CAMERON HAUSMAN  50 WI Special Teams FB Academy    
STEPHEN YAFFE  50 FL Feely Kicking School    
WILL SOLOMON  50 GA Team Jackson Kicking    
DANIEL BENITEZ  49** LA Team Jackson Kicking    
MICHAEL CHOMA  48** WY Lifetime Kicking Academy    
RADWAN HAMWI  48** CA Husted Kicking    
BENJAMIN FACHETTI  47** MA Husted Kicking    
CONNOR MARTIN  47 TX Team Jackson Kicking    
GABRIEL GRIDLEY  47** GA Team Jackson Kicking    
STERLING CLAPHAN  44** OK Team Jackson Kicking    
JONATHAN DYARMETT  43** SC Team Jackson Kicking    
ROBERT STOLFO  43 NY Special Teams Academy    
TAYLOR CRABTREE  43 MS Team Jackson Kicking    
DARREN HAYES  41 FL ProForm Kicking Academy    
EMILIO MALDANADO  41 FL Team Jackson Kicking    
CALEB WATKINS  40 CA Vezina Kicking Dynamics    
JAKE KOEHNKE  40 CA Husted Kicking    
PAUL RAMON ROSALES  40 NM Rivara Kicking    
HUNTER NICKOLSON  38 AL Team Jackson Kicking    
MICHAEL CHILLURA  38** FL Feely Kicking School    
ANDREW VAN WINKLE  36** AL Team Jackson Kicking    
GRAYSON FARNHAM  36** CA Husted Kicking    
PLATO ELIADES  31 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
SHANE NESMITH  30 FL Feely Kicking School    
DONOVAN GAGEN  29 IL Husted Kicking  
CHRISTOPHER STALTER  27** CA Husted Kicking    
CHACE PEDIGO  25 IN Husted Kicking    
JIMMY JESTER  25** SC Team Jackson Kicking    
BRAXTON KENT  24 MT Cundiff Kicking    
CURPHEY HARDIN  24** LA Matt Nelson Kicking Academy    
DOMINIC YOUNG   24 CA Husted Kicking    
NOAH GILBERT  24** GA Team Jackson Kicking    
ALEX KOTULA  23** MN Special Teams FB Academy    
C J SUOZZI  22** NY Special Teams Academy    
GRANT HORNE  22 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
JAMESON VI  22** AR    
GAVIN DOWNEY  21** Team Jackson Kicking    
JARON IMBRIANI  21 CA Husted Kicking    
CARLOS SCHULTZ  20** IL Next Step Kicking    
JOEY BIEL  20 WA ProForm Kicking Academy    
JUSTIN DYKE  19 VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
JASON SHUTTLEWORTH  18 NY Special Teams Academy    
KYLE COALE  18 CA Husted Kicking    
DUNCAN MCDEVITT  17** VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking    
LANE DELAPP  17** FL ProForm Kicking Academy    
BILLY HARRIS  16** FL RealKickers.com    
JORDAN SCARLETT  16** KS Cantele Kicking    
MICHAEL LEITERMAN  16** AR Special Teams FB Academy    
BRANDON FEW  15** NY    
GARRY POWLES  15 TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
SAVANNAH REIER  15** AL Team Jackson Kicking    
ZACHARY SAVITZ  15 MN Special Teams FB Academy    
CHRISTIAN UNDERWOOD  14 AR Team Jackson Kicking    
GRAHAM WILZ  14** OH    
JOSH DAVEY  14** CA    
WALEED KHAN  14** NJ    
GRIFFIN CONBOY  13 IL Next Step Kicking    
BRAXTON YOUNG  12** UT Lifetime Kicking Academy    
RJ JOYNER  12** LA Team Jackson Kicking    
DALTON KOCSIS  11** FL Feely Kicking School    
JAIME ORTEGA  11 GA Team Jackson Kicking    
CHRISTIAN VASQUEZ  10** TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
MARCEL HEALY  10** CA Husted Kicking    
TREY SIMONS  10** FL One On One Kicking    
BRADY FARLOW  9** MS Team Jackson Kicking    
CHASE HOPKINS  9** AL Team Jackson Kicking    
CONLEY WILHELM  9** GA Team Jackson Kicking    
ISAAC STADLER  9** MN Special Teams FB Academy    
JOSHUA JOSEPH  9 FL ProForm Kicking Academy    
AARON TRULL  8** AL Team Jackson Kicking    
DIEGO MEZA-PALMER  8** MN Special Teams FB Academy    
ERIK REYES  8** CA Husted Kicking    
CJ JACKSON  7** GA Team Jackson Kicking    
NATHAN MILLSAP  7 AR Team Jackson Kicking    
LARRY EIMER  6 NJ Feely Kicking School    
LUCAS VIETH  6** TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
JORDAN LEVINE  5** NV Husted Kicking    
NICKOLAS HARRIMAN  5** TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
JOHN MURNIN  3 FL ProForm Kicking Academy    
NATHAN GRAY  3 CA Husted Kicking    
NATHAN NARANJO  3 LA Matt Nelson Kicking Academy    
TY BOOKER  3 GA Kickers Zone    
BENJAMIN POLEN  2 CA Lifetime Kicking Academy    
CONNOR O'FALLON  2** MN Special Teams FB Academy    
DEVIN JONES  2** TX 4th and 10, Kicking and Punting    
JACOB FAKHOURY  2** CA Vezina Kicking Dynamics    
JOE ARMENIA  2** NY Special Teams Academy    
AUSTIN LADNER  1** MS Team Jackson Kicking    
BEAU SHERLAND  1** AR Team Jackson Kicking    
CHASE BAKKEBY  1 CA Husted Kicking    
ISAIAH WATSON-DELOACH  1 AL Team Jackson Kicking    
JONATHAN ALBERTS  1** IL Next Step Kicking    
WILLIAM EDWARDS  1** MN Special Teams FB Academy    




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