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The National Camp Series uses the KIX (Kicking IndeX) Player Rating System to rate athletes. A KIX Player Rating is assigned once the KIX system compares the most current NCS kicking camp results - for Field Goals, Kick Offs, Punts and Long Snapping - with similar data obtained from previous NCS events.

Graduation Year: <<  2014 | 2015 | 2016  >> | JUCO


Only players who have participated in an NCS event within the past year (15 months) are shown below
** denotes one event only, and has not proven consistency across multiple events

Class of 2015 Player Ratings


Name Rating State Coach College
CONNOE O'TOOLE  100** FL     
JOSHUA ROWLAND  84 MS  Team Jackson Kicking   Signed: MGCCC MS JUCO 
GRAYSON PONTIUS  81 MS  Team Jackson Kicking    
DANTE MASTROGIUSEPPE  53 ON  Sam Watts Kicking    
PETER FARRIS  53** MN  Special Teams FB Academy   Concordia St Paul University* 
DAVID ALBERT  52 TX  Team Jackson Kicking   Alabama State University 
TYLER FLATHAU  50 MS  Team Jackson Kicking   MGCCC (MS) 
AUSTIN JOHNSON  42 MO  Husted Kicking   Missouri Valley College* 
NELS HALTOM  37 UT  Lifetime Kicking Academy    
RYAN PERSICK  18** MN  Special Teams FB Academy   University Minnesota State- Mankato* 
BRANDON MOODY  12** IL  Special Teams FB Academy    




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