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Derek Huynen

FG Rating: 45

[2.5/5 stars]

KO Rating: 82

[4.5/5 stars]

Punt Rating: 78

[4/5 stars]


Division: Junior Height: 6-0
Graduation: 2013
Weight: 190 lbs.
State: CA Kicking Foot: Right
GPA: 3.5 ( scale)

Coach: Brent Grablachoff
Kicking World


What the coaches have to say:

"Derek remained consistent on his field goals with optimal trajectory, accuracy and incredible distance. He was a bit unlucky on the 2 he missed as the wind took them barely wide left and one off the upright. Proves again he has the big leg and should be playing at a top college when he graduates.

-Coach Brent Grablachoff, Kicking World (7-31-11)

Derek hits a 'pure' ball and it jumps off his foot with authority and optimal trajectory every time. He had no trouble nailing the longer field goals at camp and put his 52 yarder through with over 8 yards to spare. Derek has a nice boot on kickoffs as well and gets the ball to hang high in the air as well as get deep in the end zone. As if that's not enough, Derek also showed pure athleticism on his punts as just about all his punts were over 4 seconds and 40+ yards. Look for Derek to start getting offers soon. He is a great FG/KO/P combo guy and will be placed high on most college scout's radars.

-Coach Brent Grablachoff, Kicking World (4-16-11)"

NCS Evaluation

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Laguna Hills
Made/Total: 7/10
Points: 180
Tee: 1"
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Avg: 62.60
Hang Time: 3.58
Points: 492
Tee: 1"
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Avg: 37.78
Hang Time: 3.94
Points: 694*
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Laguna Hills
Made/Total: 7/10
Points: 210
Tee: 1"
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Avg: 62.20
Hang Time: 3.83
Points: 503
Tee: 1"
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Avg: 44.00
Hang Time: 3.99
Points: 755*
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Derek Huynen - Competition Event Stats - National Camp Series - Sponsored by