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High School Snapper Training and Instruction - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com

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Since 2006, the National Camp Series has a proven format and system.

You are guaranteed opportunities to kick. Better yet, our objective evaluations allows you to accurately and effectively compare yourself to the competition that is out there. Gathering statistics to showcase to colleges will only make it easier for you and colleges.

Pure statistics allows for subjectivity to be removed. The more objective information that you can provide, the less subjective evaluations you need.

For kickers and punters, there will be:

  • 10 field goals
  • 6 kick offs
  • 10 punts

For long snappers, there will be:

  • 20 Punt Snaps
  • 20 Field Goal Snaps
  • Two 40 Yard Dash runs

Through multiple opportunities, you will be able to prove yourself on a consistent basis, spread out over time. Being able to perform under pressure comes from experience. How you handle yourself in that environment will determine your success on the field. Our evaluation format is based upon NFL style workouts.

The Regional Evaluations will provide you with:

  • A starting point to get in our data base
  • An objective assessment
  • Continued opportunities to demonstrate your abilities through our mulitple events
  • A NCS Player Profile with stats and video for colleges
  • Optional video from official charting
  • The Regional Camps will include:

  • Everything included in the Evaluation Camps
  • A full day event that includes instruction
  • Official Charting
  • Optional video from official charting
  • The Super Camp will provide the opportunity to:

  • Work with our Associates
  • Compete with athletes from all over the country
  • Learn valuable information from experts
  • With our Network of Associates, our program is unique. Each event is operated by expert kicking instructors from around the country. The National Camp Series allows you to be introduced to a great resource that you can utilize on a consistent basis. Working with a quality coach regularly will allow you to improve your game and the National Camp Series events are a great way to prove yourself.

    When it comes to recruiting, the National Camp Series and our Associates will be the best resource for College Coaches. They will be able to give them an honest assessment because they have worked with you on a regular basis and have seen you perform under pressure several times. At our Finals Super Camp, all of our Associates will be in one place to evaluate talent. The NCS believes that it is difficult for one person alone to accurately and fairly evaluate talent.

    Fast becoming the Most Reliable Source for College Prospects in all Divisions.

    We are an objective recruiting format to both student-athletes and the college coaches who recruit them.

    • The National Camp Series partners with the most trusted and respected kicking coaches in the country
    • Many have professional and/or D1 College experience
    • We are a network of experts in developing high school student-athletes
    • College coaches continue to acknowledge the National Camp Series (NCS) as the top resource to finding talent

    Our NCS Associates geographically blanket the country, running camps, academies and Combine Series regional events in every corner of the nation. We will collectively see over a thousand high school student-athletes each summer.

    Everybody Wins:

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of using our professional network is to recruit the foundation of your team. We coach our athletes locally then support them nationally. For example, a NCS Associate coach in San Diego can raise and train a student-athlete locally then send him to college anywhere in the nation knowing one of our NCS Associates can further coach and support our athletes once they get to college. More importantly, your college program now has an extra layer of support for your own team.

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    NCS Super Camp
    February 16-17 2019


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