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In a recent survey, 100% of all college coaches responded that video is VERY import when evaluating talent. Especially when first assessing the athlete. Now check this out, in another recent poll only 2-3% of student-athletes have video readily accessible online for college coaches to view.

College coaches like to coach, but part of their job is to recruit and find athletes that fit their program. That involves looking at video, traveling, etc. The cost of traveling has affected every college program. The smaller programs don't have the budget to travel and visit all of their prospects. What do they do? They rely on video. What is fast becoming the best way to view video? Online.

Having video online is one of the most efficient means for coaches. DVDs and VHS tapes have been the norm for many years. However, the time it takes to open the package, then the case, insert it into the computer, wait for it to upload and then finally view ONE person can take up a lot of valuable time for coaches. Let alone that it clutters their office. They often trip over the stacks, get mad and throw them in the trash.

I am not saying that DVDs are not valuable. They are, but only if they are personally requested by a coach. There are two types of video from a coach's perspective:

Unsolicited videos (those that many athletes just send out to colleges with their "fingers crossed")

Solicited videos (those that a coach has specifically requested and are looking for it to come in the mail)

Why not make everyone's job easier and effective with an online video profile. Their are many great features that online video profiles can provide.

For athletes:

  • The ability to constantly update your video
  • Not having to produce additional DVDs and mail them out
  • Sending emails with links to your video profile
  • Tracking profile views by coaches
  • Affordability

For college coaches:

  • Easily managing player videos
  • Viewing video quickly of athletes
  • Creating watch lists of favorite athletes
  • Searching for athletes that meet their requirements
  • Receiving notifications when athletes sign up

How do you get video? There are many options to getting video.

  • Your coach (if they film your games/matches)
  • A parent (caution, the video can get shaky if they get excited while watching you perform)
  • A friend (buy him lunch for every game he films)
  • A professional videographer (you can split the cost with other teammates)

Video is critical to getting your "foot in the door." It is worth the time and effort to film your performance and post it to an online.

How are you going to do to separate yourself from the competition?


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