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  National Camp Series

The National Camp Series (NCS) is a nationwide network of expert kicking coaches with NFL and College level playing experience. Our goal is to provide effective instruction on the field and guidance off of the field that will allow student-athletes the ability to leverage their sport to get a college education.

The NCS offers regional DIVISIONAL Camps, CHAMPIONSHIP Camps and an annual SUPER CAMP that helps student-athletes gain experience through competition, prove consistency through localized training, and provide exposure to colleges and universities through our objective evaluation camps utilizing the Kicking IndeX (KIX) Player Rating System.

The National Camp Series was developed by former NFL Kicker Michael Husted. After a successful NFL career, Michael determined that there needed to be a more cohesive, analytical, and effective process to coach, evaluate, and guide student-athletes looking to play at the next level.

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Dates Locations Camps
2/14/2015 Scottsdale, AZ Super Camp
2/21/2015 Thomasville, GA Team Jackson Kicking
4/4/2015 Baton Rouge, LA Matt Nelson Kicking Academy
4/11/2015 Oklahoma City, OK Special Teams FB Academy
4/12/2015 St. Louis, MO Husted Kicking
4/18/2015 Chattanooga, TN Team Jackson Kicking
4/19/2015 Charlotte, NC Team Jackson Kicking
4/25/2015 Orlando, FL Husted Kicking
4/26/2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL Team Jackson Kicking
5/2/2015 Richmond, VA Todd Covington All-Star Kicking
5/3/2015 Baltimore, MD Husted Kicking
5/16/2015 Orange County, CA Husted Kicking
5/17/2015 San Francisco, CA Husted Kicking
6/7/2015 St. Louis, MO Husted Kicking
7/8/2015 Youngstown, OH Team Jackson Kicking
7/9/2015 Cincinnati, OH Team Jackson Kicking
7/10/2015 Chicago, IL Next Step Kicking
7/11/2015 Minneapolis, MN Special Teams FB Academy
7/16/2015 Denver, CO Husted Kicking
7/17/2015 Seattle, WA Husted Kicking
7/18/2015 Portland, OR Husted Kicking
7/30/2015 Myrtle Beach, SC Team Jackson Kicking
7/31/2015 Augusta, GA Team Jackson Kicking
8/1/2015 Birmingham, AL Team Jackson Kicking

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NCS Super Camp
February 14-15 2015


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