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Kicker and Punter Training and Instruction - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com


The National Camp Series takes an objective approach to evaluating prospects for colleges with our Innovative KIX Rating System.

These events are operated by our powerful network of kicking experts, the National Camp Series is able to provide honest assessment in evaluating talent. Our Associates work with the student-athletes on a consistent basis and through our multiple round of events, they are able to provide an unbiased opinion based on results.

It is difficult for one person to accurately and fairly judge all of the talent out there. Through our Regional events and Super Camp, our Associates can collectively evaluate talent.

The National Camp Series operation provides for guaranteed opportunities. Unlike games, our events provide everyone with the same number of kicks, punts and snaps.

Our system is designed after NFL workouts. With multiple events, spread out over time, we can accurately provide quality evaluations to help assist coaches in finding the right talent for their programs.

Utilizing our Ratings system will allow College Coaches to easily view all appropriate athletes for their program. Each ranked player has a profile that includes personal information, the Kicking Associate's name, a evaluation comment, results from events and video

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By using our Results page, Coaches can easily search by:

  • Year
  • Events
  • Level
  • Event Type

The search results can then be sorted by:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Field Goals made
  • FG points
  • Average Kick Off Distance
  • Average KO Hang Time
  • Kick Off Points
  • Average Punt Distance
  • Average Punt Hang Time
  • Punt Points

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  Event and Highlight Videos


how we rate players




NCS Super Camp
February 16-17 2019


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Kicker and Punter Training and Instruction - National Camp Series - Sponsored by Kicking.com