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The National Camp Series (NCS) is a nationwide network of expert kicking coaches with NFL and College level playing experience. Our goal is to provide effective instruction on the field and guidance off of the field that will allow student-athletes the ability to leverage their sport to get a college education.


The NCS Network works together, shares resources and assists in helping each other's athletes to play at the college level by utilizing our connections with college coaches.


We are the only group that provides local kicking resources for consistent training and purely rates you OBJECTIVELY based off your results using our innovative KIX Rating System.


The National Kicking Camp Series was created by former NFL Kicker Michael Husted. After a successful 10 Year NFL career, decided to take all of the knowledge and experience that he gained and put it to use for all high school kickers, punters and long snappers.


The Kicking Game is 90% mental. "Can YOU do it when the pressure is on." The biggest difference between being successful at each level is the ability to perform under pressure. The Kicking Game has become so important over the last couple of years, that there is great emphasis on specialists to perform on a consistent basis.


Our platform offers specialists multiple events to help them:

  • See how they stack up against others across the country
  • Demonstrate to colleges their ability to play at the next level
  • Learn how to perform under pressure


The National Camp Series consists of a team of the most highly respected kicking coaches in the country. This is a huge benefit to you! By leveraging our team of coach's knowledge and contacts we are able to give you better evaluations and market you to a very broad network of college coaches. Basically, you will have our entire team of coaches working for you to find you a college. This is why we use the 'team approach' to the National Camp Series.


The experience that you get through the NCS will prepare you for the next level.


The National Camp series offers kickers, punters and long snappers a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in five separate divisions based on your grad year.

  • JUCO/Seniors (JUCO, College transfers, 12th grade)
  • Juniors (11th grade)
  • Sophomore (10th grade)
  • Freshman (9th grade and below)
  • Middle School (8th grade and younger)



  • Consistent and organized format based on NFL style workouts
  • Get valuable instruction and learn to perform under pressure situations
  • Hosted by top Kicking and Punting Instructors (Associates) in the country
  • These Associates create a valuable Network for College Coaches
  • Strictly merit-based
  • Divisional Evaluation Camps
  • Championship Camps which include evaluations and instruction by NFL players
  • Annual Super Camp February in Scottsdale, AZ


Regional Evaluation Camp:

K/P $150 ($125 if registered 2 Weeks before the event date)
Long Snappers $200 (Includes Highlight video from the event)

Kickers & Punters receive a $25 rebate for getting their high school Long Snapper to attend the event.

  • Half day Evaluation Camp with charting in Field Goals, Kick Offs, Punts and Long Snapping
  • Optional filming available for charting session $100.00
  • Introduction to a local kicking coach/expert


Regional Camp:

K/P $275 ($250 if registered 2 weeks before the event date)
Long Snappers $300 (Includes Highlight video from the event)* Available at Select Camps


Kickers & Punters receive a $25 rebate for getting their high school Long Snapper to attend the event.

  • One day event that will include morning instruction and afternoon charting.
  • Similar charting format as the Regional Evaluation Camp
  • Optional filming available for charting session $100.00
  • Introduction, instruction, assessment with a local kicking expert




  • To be held during PresidentŐs Day Weekend in February
  • Open to any student-athletes
  • All of the NCS Expert Coaches will be present to provide a comprehensive first class learning experience
  • Seminars by experts in strength training and mental preparation
  • Preliminary Charting Round similar to Regional rounds
  • Optional filming available for charting session $100.00
  • Head to Head tournament style event to determine Champions
  • College Division Kickers will be required to kick off the ground and use a 1" tee for kickoffs
  • Finalists in each division will receive awards and recognition
  • Winners in all 16 groups will also receive prize package from Wizard Kicking



  • Chance to learn, improve and get selected to be one of four kickers and punters to play in the US Army All Star Football Game in San Antonio, TX
  • Use of a standardized and objective assessment system
  • Get introduced to a great network of coaching experts
  • Results will be distributed to,,
  • National Press Releases will be sent out to all media outlets after each NCS event
  • Free NCS player profile with camp results, video and articles for coaches
  • Objective NCS KIX Player Ratings to provide exposure to ALL College Programs
  • Efficient vehicle to get noticed by college coaches



  • Competitively priced
  • Conveniently located regional events where there is less time and expense spent associated with travel
  • Proven operational format minimizes down time and improves efficiency
  • Events will be hosted by the top kicking experts in the country connecting you with the best coaches in your area
  • Developed by NFL kickers who know what it takes; their NFL credentials will ensure interests from college programs of all levels

Regional events are hosted year round. Super Camp held once a year in February. Dates and times and sign-up information will be coming soon! Keep checking back with us...


Have questions? Contact us here...


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